Outfits of the Week // Sept 25-Oct 1

You can plan your capsule as much as you want, but when you finally find the piece you’ve been lusting over, after months of searching, with free shipping… you just buy it, damnit, and don’t think twice.

My goal for Autumn was to buy not a single item of clothing until I have to start preparing for my Winter capsule in November. As someone who used to work in a clothing store with a hefty employee discount, this is a big deal. I would come home with new items at least once a week. I wanted to challenge myself to make sure I could feel fulfilled, grateful, and satisfied by what I already own.

I had bought a handful of things for my Autumn capsule, but I just couldn’t find a pair of maroon/burgundy New Balance sneakers ANYWHERE on the internet. I couldn’t find them in time before my Fall capsule began. I figured I would do some more searching over the Winter and maybe purchase them for Spring.

“This is 2016!” I thought, “The internet has failed me, but I will prevail!”

I continued my quest.

Well I’m pretty sure they only sell that color in Europe because last week I bought them on eBay and had them shipped from the UK. Free international shipping is not something I can just ignore, despite being knee-deep in Autumn and decidedly outside of my shopping timeframe.


But just look at how happy I was when they finally arrived! I couldn’t even be bothered to make the bed for this picture!

<< Outfits of the Week >>

September 25 >> Cleaning up the apartment & reading on the porch


September 26 >> Blog post writing and Target run


September 27 >> Uniform-only day


September 28 >> Layover in Durham, NC >> Dinner with the crew at Hooters (wings & beer!)


September 29 >> Layover in San Diego >> Dinner with the crew in the Gaslamp district & walking along the Marina


September 30 >> Uniform-only day


October 1 >> Casual hang-out with friends


I may have failed at my goal of no purchases for the Fall, but I wore those sneakers three times this week so clearly I’m getting my money’s worth.

How often do you purchase clothing?  Do you think my new sneakers make my capsule wardrobe complete?

– kellie

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