This was a BIG WEEK for me, you guys.



Cue the tears. No really. I happy-cried a lot.

I will always remember sitting by a little pond outside my hotel in Amsterdam that night and feeling my heart swell with gratitude. I’m glad it was dark because I was silently ugly-crying with a big smile on my face for like 10 minutes. I had a **moment**.


This is a terrible picture of that lovely, little pond.

For five months I’ve watched my classmates go all over the world. They’ve posted photos and videos on various social media from practically everywhere: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Hamburg, Geneva, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Athens, Tokyo… If it’s a major city they were probably there.

Meanwhile, I went to Las Vegas five times this summer. FIVE. You can only consider it fun enough to put up with the heat maybe once or twice. After that, I stayed in the hotel and bathed in a big ol’ tub of woe-is-me.

I started calling myself a “Domestic Diva” as a coping mechanism to try and laugh about how crappy and left out I felt. I started a gratitude journal that included entries like: “The staff at the Panera Bread in Kansas City were pretty nice.” I would avoid Instagram and Facebook for days.

I know, I know. It’s such a first world problem.

I sound like an ungrateful brat.

But, honestly, I just wanted one international trip. Just ONE. I wanted to feel like part of the club. I guess I’m still trying to convince myself I’m actually a part of this cool girl, world traveler, flight attendant life. I still need to convince myself that I deserve to be here.

I wish I could say I had an epiphany and realized I didn’t need a special trip to make me part of the club. That I was always part of the club.

But, guys, I DID get a special trip and now I feel so much better.


Amsterdam was good to me. I rented a bike and slightly crashed into both a parked car and a bush (on separate occasions). I went to a market near the hotel and enjoyed a fresh Stroopwafel, which I have now crossed off my bucket list. I went on a canal cruise at sunset. I enjoyed a beer at a bar and then another when the bartender gave me one on the house. I got a friendly warning from AT&T that I was at an obscene amount of international data roaming charges (oops). I had an amazing time by myself, due to the fact that I overslept my nap and missed meeting up with my crew. And my butt is starting to feel a lot better after the soreness leftover from all that bike riding.


For once the view from my hotel room wasn’t a parking lot!



Check out the moves on these Dancing Houses.


This trip left me more exhausted than any other before, so I need to do some catching up on my weekly posts. I’ll be posting my Outfits of the Week for last week tomorrow!

– kellie

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