Suitcase of the Week

When I was considering becoming a flight attendant I was so interested in knowing what the hell to pack for this crazy life. I have no control over where I’m going and almost never have time to plan for activities while I’m away. I’m about 5 months in to this career and I’m still figuring it out, but I think I’m making some progress.

I’ve done a hell of a lot of pinning on Pinterest. I read lots of capsule and packing blogs. I’ve learned from experience. My suitcase has been either too heavy and overpacked, or too light and unprepared. Sometimes there’s an unexpected turn of events on a trip. I’ve messed up a few times. I’ve forgotten things. I’m trying to be minimal while giving myself loads of options. It takes a lot of thought!

It’s like buying the ingredients before knowing what the recipe is.

Let’s look closer at a particular example… When you picture going out in Vegas, do you see yourself in a sparkly number with sky-high heels and red lips? Something GLAM? That’s totally not my style, but I absolutely pictured myself sparkling on the Strip. I went to Vegas FIVE times this summer and every single time I was sparkle-less. They always seem to give me that trip when I least expect it.

So what did I do when the crew wanted to go out and have some drinks and feel spontaneous and fun and exhausted, but ultimately pretty excited that this is our life? I threw together an outfit from what I had. I tried to feel as glam as possible, while also realizing that my style is anything but glam. How can I put together a “going out” look while still feeling like myself?


All the baggy clothes! Is hobo glam a thing?

I threw together a thin t-shirt (the strap detail gives it a little oomph), a pair of jogger pants (which made me feel trendy), and my uniform heels (they made this whole thing feel at least a little dressy). My makeup from work that day was pumped up with some darker shadow and a sheer lip color. From full uniform to this selfie- I was ready in like 15 minutes flat.

Was it a perfect outfit? No. Would I have preferred the adorable, strappy heels I have at home? Yes. It wasn’t a sparkly dress, but damnit I felt cute. I felt like me. That night, I learned something about packing.

So basically that’s the feeling I’m hoping to get from my Suitcase of the Week. How I feel in my clothes while I’m away from home is something I can control. In a life on reserve, there is so little I have control over. It’s a pleasure and a relief to have this for myself.

With all that said, it’s a shame my first SotW is a bit blah…

<< Suitcase of the Week >>

September Week 3



The Trip: I was put on this trip the night before and I packed for a 3-day. I planned for layovers in Baltimore and Dallas. Comfy, casual, nothing dressy, probably never going to leave the hotels.

On the first day of the trip, we flew to Chicago. Chicago was a madhouse of delays and cancellations. Our next flight to Baltimore was one of them, so we ended up laying over in Chicago. We got drinks at the hotel bar and went to bed.

The next day, we flew to Houston and then Dallas, where we had another layover with just enough time to eat and sleep. The next day we got up VERY early and flew back to Houston, then home.

From this suitcase I wore two outfits, as you can see in my Outfits of the Week post:


From these 8 items, I had 4 more outfit options:


I like this way of documenting my trips. In the future I may combine this with a sort of trip diary and include photos from my activities while I was away.

Do you put this much thought into what you pack? Am I an actual crazy person? Can you see any more combos from the 8 pieces I packed? Let me know in the comments!

– kellie

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