Outfits of the Week // Oct 9-15

So last week I talked about this sweater. I included this sweater in my capsule because, well, I love the way it looks. The deep Fall colors. The classic open cardi fit. The print is a pop of interest in a predominantly solid capsule.


This sweater screams, “It’s Fall and it’s time to put pumpkin creamer in my coffee!”

Yet, no matter how much it “feels like me” and no matter how much I’ve always loved it, for some reason I hardly wear it.

Like only TWICE in the past year. And even with that stat in mind, I’ve seen it in the closet every day these past few weeks and I always pass it by.

Maybe I’m saving it for some sort of special occasion or feeling- perhaps a day I’m feeling like the most Fall version of me.

With that theory in mind, I thought about the rest of my capsule. I came up with a few pieces that I keep passing by. I made it a point to wear those pieces this week.

Challenge accepted!

Actually it wasn’t really a challenge at all. It was a super easy way to experiment with what I already have and remix my capsule in ways I hadn’t really tried before. And it was kinda fun.


<< Outfits of the Week >>


October 9 >> Uniform-only day >> Sat on stand-by at airport; no trip
October 10 >> Uniform-only day >> Aruba turn
October 11 >> Grocery shopping & Chipotle date


There’s that sweater. Fall af.

October 12 >> Running errands & Chipotle (again!)

My denim vest’s maiden voyage- I honestly wish I bought a denim jacket instead. I feel like such a hipster in this vest, but maybe in a good way?

October 13 >> Clean the house and decorate for Halloween


This white shirt makes me feel like a girl that kind of has her shit together. But it’s made of a soft knit fabric, so I have my shit together in a comfy way, you know?


October 14 >> Drive friends to the airport & buy MORE Halloween decorations

After a week of feeling like different versions of myself, it felt good to come back to my favorite comfy sweater & striped tee. It’s familiar, it’s layered, it’s cozy… This is how I “feel like me” most of the time.

October 15 >> Uniform-only day >> San Juan turn

I’m not completely against keeping a piece around until you have that special feeling that makes you feel like a fresh, different version of you. Sometimes we all need to hit refresh. The problem is I’m still trying to figure out how to give myself options without hoarding so many pieces of clothing.

Do you have a piece that makes you feel like a different version of you?

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