Outfits of the Week // Sept 18-24

Check out the Capsule page to see my entire wardrobe for the next few months!

In an attempt to plan out what I want to post about on this little blog of mine, I repeatedly came back to the thought of clothes and how I put them both on my body and into my suitcase. So here is the first of what I hope will be a weekly installment: Outfits of the Week!


Literally the only selfie I took this whole week, if you don’t count the ugly face I made for Snapchat this morning.

(The other weekly post I hope to put together is a Suitcase of the Week- what I packed for my trip(s) for those seven days and a little insight into why I packed those particular items. You can read more about that on Monday!)

<< Outfits of the Week >>

September 18 >> Running errands and lunch date


September 19 >> Grocery shopping


September 20 >> Trying to feel cute doing nothing alone at home


September 21 >> Layover in Chicago > Drinks with the crew at the hotel bar


September 22 >> Layover in Dallas > Got takeout from the hotel restaurant (yes, the same shirt from the day before, but I literally wore it for like 30 minutes, so bite me)


September 23 >> No picture > Only wore my uniform all day

September 24 >> Running errands and working on this blog post


Kind of a boring week outfit-wise. BUT I’ve only just started figuring out how to make my capsule work for this warmer weather before REAL Fall sets in and how to make it work while I’m away from home.

What do you think? Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Are you interested in future Outfit [and/or Suitcase] of the Week posts? Let me know in the comments!

– kellie

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